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Product presentation

Treatment of trichomonosis (canker) and hexamitiasis in pigeons

box of 8 or 30 sachets or container of 250 g
(available in the Netherlands)

  • High therapeutic activity
  • Effective against anaerobic bacteria
  • Broad safety margin
  • No harmful effect on racing performances
  • Not toxic for young pigeons
Tricho Plus

Directions for use

1 sachet or 1 measuring spoon of TRICHO PLUS per 2 litres
of drinking water during 5 days

In case of insufficient liquid intake (e.g. in the winter) 1 sachet
or 1 measuring spoon TRICHO PLUS per litre of drinking water

  • Completely water soluble
  • Loft treatment
  • Safe dosage
  • Simple and easy drinking water medication
  • During the winter period TRICHO PLUS can also be administered
    on the food