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Nowadays increasingly, we hear a lot of pigeon fanciers talk about circovirosis (in Belgium first diagnosed in 1998). Circovirosis is a viral infection of very young pigeons damaging the thymus & bursa Fabricii. These two particular organs are essential for the resistance of our pigeons. By damaging these organs, some infections will occur easier and some vaccinations will not give a full protection anymore (e.g. paramyxovirosis).

New investigations of the pigeon population in Belgium have shown us that a big part of the population is already infected or has been in contact with the circovirus at some time. The known consequences of this infection are mainly secondary infections which can be treated with our regular medicines. But more and more we observe combined infections of circo-
virus and adenovirus, with all the related consequences.

Clinical symptoms
There are almost always secondary clinical infections such as:

EM pigeon bursa: circovirosis
EM pigeon bursa: circovirosis
Photo: Poultry and Special Animal Diseases
Veter. Medical School University Ghent

  • Paramyxovirosis
  • Herpes, adenovirosis
  • Colibacillosis, salmonellosis
  • Mould (Aspergillosis or Candidiasis)
  • Trichomonosis


In case of illness: there is no cure!
We can only deal with the secondary infections by treating them with the regular medicines.
We can also improve the resistance of our pigeons with OROVITAL and FORTALYT (electrolytes).

As prevention:

  • There is no vaccine available!
  • Avoiding overpopulation and maintaining a good hygiene on the pigeon loft will be of great
        importance in the battle against this new challenge for the pigeon sport.